Adoption or Guardianship

Adoptions or guardianships create a legal family connection. A good attorney, experienced in family law, can help define the parameters for how these family arrangements work. Court Masters Law Office represent clients throughout northern Florida for cases of adoptions and guardianships.

Our entire legal team is committed to superior client service that forms around the individuality of clients and the unique factors that make up their cases. Find out how our qualified attorneys can protect your rights in cases of adoption or guardianship.

Adoption Attorney

Adoptions are permanent arrangements that establish the legal custody of a child for a nonparent. Most parent adoptions are requested by stepparents who are already doing the job without the title. Stepparent adoptions can be simple if parties agree, but only if the noncustodial parent terminates all legal rights voluntarily by signing an Affidavit of Relinquishment of Parental Rights. Additionally, a social study appointed by the court is another requirement that may have a longer timeline to complete.

For grandparents, aunts, uncles or independent individuals wanting to adopt, the requirements are greater. Both parents must relinquish their legal rights for the child. A court-appointed social study is also needed.

Guardianship Attorney

Guardianships are temporary measures that do not have the lifelong implications and legal benefits of adoption. A guardianship grants an adult the authority to make decisions for a child that include:

  • Educational pursuit
  • Financial management
  • Living arrangements
  • Medical care